Gearing up, without breaking the bank

Don’t let the cost of horse back riding scare you away. While horse back riding is one of the most expensive sports in the world, you can easily get geared up for under $100 and here’s how:

– A helmet: now typically, if you are going to a riding facility to take lessons, they will have extra helmets for you or your child to borrow; this is a great way to see if you like riding before committing to a helmet purchase. Now, once you are ready to commit, you can surely check out your local tack shop (if you have one) for an affordable helmet. You can typically get a nice, safe helmet for under or around $50 like this one I found on amazon (not an ad).

– Pants: For beginner riders I recommend just starting out in jeans or leggings. Unless you are planning to start cantering and hopping over jumps in your first few rides there is really no reason for jodhpurs or even chaps at this point.

Boots: a sturdy boot with a nice 1/2″-1″ heal is important but it does not have to be a fancy riding brand to get you started. I recommend looking at combat boots or moto boots at target like these I found for just $29.99 (not an ad).

– Last but not least, I would recommend riding gloves. When you rake your leaves for the first time in the fall, the rake gives you blisters because you don’t have calluses or thick skin built up where that rake sits in your hands… reins will do the same thing especially if your on a head strong horse. Now again, please check your local tack shop for some affordable riding gloves but you can typically find them online for under $10 like this pair I found on amazon for kids (not an ad).

So there you go, you can be geared up and ready to ride for less then 100 bucks!

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