The pure magic of the Arabian horse breed

I have long had a love affair with the Arabian horse breed. Their temperament and refined beauty make them stand out among the herd. Something about the wild look they carry in their bodies and expressive eyes, draws me to them time and time again. It’s as if they are spirits just drifting with the wind and when you ride one, you can’t help but get lost in that feeling too.

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The importance of breathing- bringing breath into your lessons

My yoga teacher often says that if you are holding your breath, your body is telling you that something is uncomfortable. It’s important to listen to your body and breath through the uncomfortable in life, yoga and riding.

I have several fellow riders that have told me they have a bad habit of holding their breath during an entire jumping course, so much so that they’ve felt like they were going to pass out when it was over. I noticed that I would also hold my breath at the start of a course especially at horse shows. Being aware of this got me thinking about the effects that not breathing must have on my riding form as well as the horse. I started practicing yoga in my 20s and I became more aware of my breath in general, but especially while riding. I noticed that when I get nervous and hold my breath, my body gets stiff, my heart races and in turn my horse gets stiff, nervous and unsure of me as the leader. According to Tim Hayes, author of Riding Home,

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Philly’s horse drawn carriages- Why you shouldn’t take a ride this season, or ever

With the holiday season right around the corner, and Christmas carols playing on every radio station, I started to think about Christmas traditions that are popular in our culture. A big one that came to mind is taking a ride in a horse drawn carriage. Growing up watching Cinderella, I could understand why some may think these rides are a great romantic gesture or a stylish way to tour the city. However, patrons aren’t seeing what goes on behind the scenes of these carriage companies, especially in metro areas where the barn facilities are cramped and lack the proper amount of land to pasture a horse. This is especially true for the Philadelphia Carriage Company.

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